Pooled Investment Fund

A pooled investment fund (PIF) was formed effective June 1, 2015 which is open to all congregations throughout the Episcopal Diocese of North Dakota.

The PIF will be managed for long term investment and is not a substitute for short term savings accounts. The goal of the PIF will be to generate cash flow to support participant’s operations while allowing the principal to grow. PIF participants may withdraw their funds at any time for any reason.

Participation in the PIF is strictly voluntary and there are no minimums and participants can set up multiple accounts within the PIF and will receive quarterly reports showing their balances with investment results.

The cost to use the PIF will be approximately 1% annually and this will cover all management, administration, and custodial charges.

For more information on the PIF, please contact John Tillotson directly at 651-215-8465 or john.h.tillotson@ms.com.

PIF Resolution & Guidelines

Custodial Agreement

Certificate of Authorized Persons

Distribution Request

Investment Committee Members