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The North Dakota School for Ministry Learning Community

Lay and ordained ministry leaders and potential leaders (we are all leaders!) of all experience levels are encouraged to participate in the School for Ministry, a diocesan learning community for shared leadership. For more information, contact the Rev. Harvey Henderson or the Rev. Steve Godfrey.

The North Dakota School for Ministry Learning Community

April 28-30, 2023: Maryvale near Valley City
Several Zoom meetings following each gathering, to form an ongoing learning community


April 2023 Registration Form

Tuesdays, 7:00 pm Central Time:

March 14, 2023: Ministry (The Rev. Kim Becker)

April 11, 2023: Ministry (The Rev. Steve Godfrey)

Thursdays, 7:00 pm Central Time:

March 16, 2023: History (The Rev. Dn. John Anderson)

April 20, 2023: Scripture (The Rev. Harvey Henderson)


  • Address what is most important for our leaders to learn: Discernment, mission, gifts, leadership, evangelism, pastoral care, team-building, formation, stewardship, administration; Scripture, theology, ethics, liturgy, church history, contemporary society, ministry
  • Prepare leadership teams for commissioning and ordination
  • Build a common sense of discernment and capacity for ministry
  • Connect leaders to resources available to supplement this learning community, for people desiring deeper learning or discerning church leadership as a primary vocation

Curriculum Structure

  • 4 sessions over two years with 4 in-person gatherings and Zoom in between
  • 4 topic areas: Theology, Scripture, Church History, Ministry: Introduced in 90-minute sessions at gatherings; Developed in 4 Zoom sessions in the months between gatherings; Possible, potentially optional, assignments before, between meetings, and after
  • Keynotes related to current, special interests of the Diocese
  • Racial and Environmental Reconciliation “praxis” or overarching consideration for all areas of study: “The mission of the church is to restore all people to unity with God and each other in Christ” — BCP, 855; These are key concerns of our diocesan community at this time
  • Discernment meetings at each gathering to address gifts, mission, vocation, team-building, and the processes for commissioning and ordination
  • All gathering sessions required for teams in discernment for commissioning and ordination
  • All sessions optional for others, except worship and reconciliation praxis
  • Team members can divide up and focus on Zoom sessions
  • Every team member gets an introduction to all core topics at each level and develops specialized competency in at least one
  • Keynotes, topic areas, and reconciliation praxis led by diocesan or recruited experts, generally compensated with stipends and travel expenses covered

Tentative Session Structures

1. Fundamentals Intro/Review
September 2022 and
4 Zoom Sessions thru March

  • (Racial and Environmental) Reconciliation Praxis
  • Keynote: Native American History & Spirituality
  • Christian Fundamentals: Hopeful, Faithful Theology
  • Bible Fundamentals
  • Church History and Ecclesiology Fundamentals
  • Ministry Fundamentals: congregational structure & healthy, worship, prayer, administration & formation
  • Discernment

2. Fleshing Out Ministry in the Church 1
April 2023 and 4 Zoom Sessions thru August

  • (Racial and Environmental) Reconciliation Praxis
  • Keynote: (perhaps) A Multicultural Spiritual History of North Dakota
  • Sacramental Theology: Baptism, Eucharist, reconciliation, blessing, healing, marriage
  • Torah and Writings
  • Anglican/Episcopal history and Ecclesiology
  • Pastoral Ministry – marriage, reconciliation, healing and Eucharistic visitation, dying, death and celebration of resurrection life
  • Discernment

3. Fleshing Out Ministry in the Church 2
September 2023 and
4 Zoom Sessions thru March

  • (Racial and Environmental) Reconciliation Praxis
  • Keynote: The Way of Love and Our New Season of Ministry
  • Leading theological reflection (“preaching”)
  • Gospels and Acts of the Apostles
  • Ecumenical church history and relationships, world religions and interfaith community
  • Christian Formation for all ages
  • Discernment

4. Spreading the Good News
April 2024 and 4 Zoom Sessions thru August

  • (Racial and Environmental) Reconciliation Praxis
  • Keynote: Next Generation
  • Applied Theology, ethics, and contemporary society
  • Prophets
  • Epistles and Revelation: the beginning and end of the church!
  • Evangelism, community organizing, asset-based community development
  • Discernment

Gathering Structure


5:00pm – Gathering prayer, introductions, check-in, orientation

6:00pm – Dinner

7:00pm – Keynote

9:00pm – Compline and Social Time


7:30am – Breakfast

8:30am – Morning Prayer

8:45am – Reconciliation Praxis

10:00am – Break

10:15am – Theology

11:45 – Noonday Prayer and Lunch

1:00pm – Scripture

2:30pm – Break

2:45pm – Church History and Ecclesiology

4:15pm – Break

4:30pm – Discernement

5:45pm – Evening Prayer and Dinner

7:00pm – Ministry

8:30pm – Compline and Social Time


7:30am – Breakfast and Discernment Conversation

9:00am – Morning Prayer, Reconciliation reflection, personal and community closure and check-out

10:30am – Break and check-out of rooms

11:00am – Eucharist

12:00pm – Lunch and departure


Support us and help foster our community of faith and ministries of all the baptized across the Diocese.