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2024 Diocesan Convention

The 2024 Annual Convention of the Diocese of North Dakota will be held in Jamestown October 25-26, 2024.

Theme: Journeying Together: Embracing Change, Preserving Identity

Date: October 25-26, 2024

Location: Jamestown Civic Center & Grace Church


  • Gladstone Inn [701-252-0700]
  • Baymont Inn [701-252-3611]
  • Fairfield Inn [701-952-6300]

Call and make your reservation today! Make sure to mention “Episcopal Diocese of North Dakota Convention” when making your room reservation to get our room rates!

Nominations Needed:

  • Treasurer
  • Convention Secretary
  • Standing Committee | Clergy Member
  • Standing Committee | Lay Member
  • 2 East Region Council Members
  • 2 West Region Council Members

WHO ARE YOU? Congregational Identity

Information gathered for The New Season of Ministry Report (adopted at last October’s diocesan convention) revealed that we deeply value our identity as the Episcopal Diocese of North Dakota. Congregations, too, value their identities as Episcopal congregations within their communities. That identity may most often be associated with its name but can be demonstrated in many other ways.

For this year’s diocesan convention (October 25-26 in Jamestown), the convention planning group invites each congregation to explore more broadly what identifies it as a congregation and to bring something that represents that identity to the convention for display. We encourage congregations to be creative – think beyond banners and building photos – and explore unique ways that identify you: a special hanging, an artistic portrayal, or a unique or stylized picture.

We hope this invitation will prompt local discussions in various settings (coffee after worship, fellowship gatherings, vestry meetings, etc.) about congregational identity and what symbolizes or represents your congregation’s identity.

Convention Workshops

Information coming soon!


Support us and help foster our community of faith and ministries of all the baptized across the Diocese.