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Clergy of the Diocese

Diocesan Ministry Support Team

The Rt. Rev. Thomas C Ely, Bishop Provisional

The Rev. Steven R Godfrey, Diocesan Minister  |  515-450-9858

The Rev. Kim Becker, Regional Coordinator for Episcopal Ministry in Northwestern North Dakota | 240-472-1102

Priests in Charge / Rectors / Dean

The Rev. John Floberg – St. Luke’s (Fort Yates), Church of the Cross (Selfridge), St. James’ (Cannon Ball)

The Rev. Jamie Parsley – St. Stephen’s (Fargo)

The Rev. Harvey Henderson – St. Paul’s(Grand Forks)

Pastor Larry Thiele – St. Thomas’ (Fort Totten)

Dean Mark Strobel – Gethsemane Cathedral (Fargo)

The Rev. Canon Hal Weidman – St. George’s (Bismarck)

The Rev. Robert Hoekstra – Grace Church (Jamestown)

The Rev. Paul Zaharia – St. Sylvan’s (Dunseith)

Serving as Priests (assigned to a congregation)

The Rev. Duane Fox – St. Paul’s (White Shield)

The Rev. Canon Zanne Ness – St. George’s (Bismarck), Bread of Life Preaching Station (Bismarck)

The Rev. Duffy Williams – Gethsemane Cathedral (Fargo)

Serving as Supply

The Rev. Bart Davis, All Saints (Valley City) and serving at Grace Church (Jamestown)

The Rev. Mary Johnson, St. Peter’s (Williston); St. Michael & All Angels (Cartwright); All Saints (Minot)

The Rev. Alex Lodu-Kenyi, St. John the Divine (Moorhead)

The Rev. Erin Richards, All Saints (Minot)


The Rev. Sloane Floberg – St. Luke’s, Church of the Cross, St. James’

The Rev. Terry Overbo – Gethsemane Cathedral

The Rev. Angela Goodhouse-Mauai – St. Luke’s / Standing Rock

The Rev. Ed Wos – St. George’s

The Rev. Beth Lipp – St. George’s

The Rev. Hellen Lodu, St. John the Divine (Moorhead)

The Rev. Donald Leroux – St. Paul’s (Grand Forks), Church of the Advent

The Rev. Elsie Magnus – St. Peter’s (Walhalla)

The Rev. Barbara Olson – St. John the Divine(Moorhead)

The Rev. Charlotte Robbins – Gethsemane Cathedral

The Rev. Jane Towne – St. George’s


The Rev. Alan Broadhead

The Rev. Charles Cherry

The Rev. Patricia Eustis

The Rev. Michael Horn

The Rev. Randy Keehn

The Rev. George Schulenberg

The Rev. George Slanger

The Rev. Virginia Luger

The Rev. Sharon Luntsford

The Rev. Cherian Mathew


The Rev. Crystal Towers

The Rev. Lindsey Dwarf

The Rev. Gadi Edward

The Rev. Mary Gokey

The Rev. Brandon Mauai

The Rev. Zechariah Reng

Serving Elsewhere

The Rev. Matthew Coomber

The Rev. Sally Smythe


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