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Commissions & Committees


Canons Committee

  • Leo Wilking, chair (St. Stephen’s, Fargo)
  • The Rev. John Floberg (Standing Rock)
  • Sandy Holbrook (St. Stephen’s, Fargo)
  • Tom Tudor (St. George’s, Bismarck)

Commission on Ministry

  • The Rev. Harvey Henderson, chair (St. Paul’s, Grand Forks)
  • The Rev. Dn. John Anderson (St. Stephen’s, Fargo)
  • The Rev. Bart Davis (All Saint’s, Valley City)
  • The Rev. Dn. Sloane Floberg (Standing Rock)
  • Joanne Lassiter (St. George’s, Bismarck)
  • Elaine McLaughlin (St. James, Cannon Ball)
  • The Rev. Jamie Parsley (St. Stephen’s, Fargo)
  • Donna Pettit (St. Paul’s, Grand Forks)
  • The Rev. Steve Godfrey (dMST)

Congregational Development Committee

  • Donna Pettit, chair (St. Paul’s, Grand Forks)
  • Dr. John Baird (St. Stephen’s, Fargo)
  • Tammy Enockson (St. George’s, Bismarck)
  • Leo Wilking (St. Stephen’s, Fargo)
  • The Rev. Kim Becker (dMST, ex officio)
  • The Rev. Steve Godfrey (dMST, ex officio)

Personnel Committee

  • Sandy Holbrook, chair (St. Stephen’s, Fargo)
  • David Lukudu (St. John the Divine, Moorhead)
  • The Rev. Robert Hoekstra (Grace, Jamestown)
  • Leslie Ross (St. John’s, Dickinson)
  • Leo Wilking (St. Stephen’s, Fargo)
  • The Rev. Steve Godfrey (dMST)
  • Jessica Thielke (dMST)

Reconciliation Committee

  • Christie Iverson (St. James, Cannon Ball)
  • Robert Fox (St. Paul’s, White Shield)
  • Stephanie Garcia (St. Stephen’s, Fargo)
  • Carmine Goodhouse (St. Luke’s, Fort Yates)
  • Peter Halbach (Advent, Devils Lake)
  • Kathy Hintz (All Saint’s, Minot)
  • The Rev. Dn. Hellen Lodu (St. John the Divine, Moorhead)
  • Amy Phillips (St. Stephen’s, Fargo)
  • The Rev. Kim Becker (dMST)

Title IV Disciplinary Board

  • The Rev. Mary Johnson, through Convention 2023 (Retired Priest)
  • Tom Tudor, through Convention 2023  (St. George’s, Bismarck)
  • The Rev. Dn. John Anderson, through Convention 2024 (St. Stephen’s, Fargo)
  • The Rev. Robert Hoekstra, through Convention 2024 (Grace, Jamestown)
  • Donna Pettit, through Convention 2024 (St. Paul’s, Grand Forks)
  • Dr. John Baird, through Convention 2025 (St. Stephen’s, Fargo)
  • The Rev. Dn. Beth Lipp, through Convention 2025 (St. George’s, Bismarck)

UTO Coordinators

  • Vanessa Strobel – East (Gethsemane Cathedral, Fargo)
  • Mary Massad – West (St. John’s, Dickinson)

Youth Commission

  • Hannah Gendron (St. George’s, Bismarck)
  • Leah Henderson (St. Paul’s, Grand Forks)


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