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Bishops of North Dakota

Bishop Provisional:

The Rt. Rev. Brian Thom (2024- )

Previous Bishops:

William D. Walker (1883–1896)
Samuel Cook Edsall (1899–1901)
Cameron Mann (1902–1913)
John Poyntz Tyler (1914–1931)
Frederick B. Bartlett (1931–1935)
Douglas H. Atwill (1937–1951)
Richard R, Emery (1951–1964)
George T. Masuda (1965–1979)
Harold A. Hopkins, Jr. (1980–1988)
Andrew H. Fairfield (1989–2003)
Michael G. Smith (2004-2019)
Keith B. Whitmore (Assisting Bishop, 2019-2021)
Thomas C. Ely (Provisional Bishop, 2021-2024)


Support us and help foster our community of faith and ministries of all the baptized across the Diocese.