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Diocesan Administrator Called

By April 5, 2022No Comments

Jess with her two dogs, Sadie (on the Left) and Bug (on the right).


Bishop Ely and I are excited to announce the appointment of Jessica Thielke as Diocesan Administrator.

Jess has served at the Lutheran Church of Christ the King in Moorhead for the last eleven years, first as Office Administrator and Children’s Ministry Director, and more recently as Director of Children’s Ministry and Christian Education. In these roles she has managed communications in various media, organized events, recruited and led numerous volunteers, assisted with financial management, and overseen the office and information technology.
She is excited to be focusing now on these and other administrative areas of work, where she feels God is particularly calling her at this time, and to share her gifts with the church in the broader diocesan context.

Jess is a deacon in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and comes strongly recommended by two Lutheran bishops and several congregational leaders, who spoke highly of her professionalism, multiple gifts for ministry, and capability in taking on the level of ministry and responsibility required to be our Diocesan Administrator. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Religion, with a Church Professions Certification, from Concordia College, and a Master of Arts in Children, Youth, and Family Ministry, from Luther Seminary. She lives in Fargo with her two dogs.

Along with our interview team members, Stephanie Garcia, Sandy Holbrook, and Vanessa Strobel, we feel Jess will be a very good fit as part of our diocesan Ministry Support Team and Circle of Leadership.

Feel free to reach out to her with questions, comments, concerns, or ideas. Jess is more than willing to listen and take notes, always striving to make things run smoothly for our Diocese. You can reach her on the Diocese phone (701-235-6688) or by email (Click Here). Jess will typically be in our diocesen office Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm. Reach out and say hi!

The Rev. Steve Godfrey
Diocesan Minister