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Diocesan Publications

By January 11, 2023No Comments

In the Diocese of North Dakota, we have two publications that go out regularly. There is the Prairie, which is our bi-weekly e-newsletter, mailed on Wednesdays. Then there is the Sheaf, which goes out seasonally.

Here are some quick facts to help tell the difference between the Prairie and the Sheaf.

The Prairie

  • Goes out every other week on Wednesday mornings.
  • More focused on timely events.
  • PICTURES! Send in your pictures with a short synopsis.
  • Great way to alert the diocese as to what is going on in your faith community.
  • Only available via our distribution list, and as posts on Facebook and the website.
The Sheaf

  • Goes out seasonally, about six times a year.
  • More in-depth articles, and things you would find in regular newsletters.
  • Focuses on a theme in each edition.
  • Paper copies are mailed to churches and individuals. Electronic copies are available on our website.

We are gearing up to create our first edition of the Sheaf for 2023! The deadline for article submission is January 18th! The theme for this edition is Epiphany. We are looking for articles that highlight the following:

  • Light
  • Ministry
  • Share the light of Christ in your community
  • Baptism

If you are interested in sharing your story, either personally or of your faith community, please email articles to Jess in the diocesan office. Questions, please send Jess an email! Thanks!

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